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We practice agile planning and estimation, pair programming, and behavior-driven development. But what matters are results: some of the highest rated apps in the app store that users rave about!

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From our first meeting, you’ll be working directly with the people building your app. Which means your app is exactly what you want and when you want it! Feel free to ask us for references.

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Not Cuckoo for CocoaPods

CocoapuffsThe projects we work on generally have have dependencies on one or more (often several) open source projects, including our own libraries. We’ve always managed those dependencies using git submodules. As submodules have some quirks, a few projects have cropped up trying to make dependency management easier. The one that’s gained the most traction is CocoaPods.

Recently one of the projects we work on moved from submodules to CocoaPods. While CocoaPods has some nice aspects, I’m not crazy about the move. Here are some of the challenges I’ve faced. Continue reading

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