Coworking review: Citizen Space

Posted by on Oct 19, 2010 in working | 2 Comments

Updated 10/30: I moved price from con to pro after checking out more spaces

I’m making the rounds of the coworking spaces in San Francisco and the East Bay over the next couple of weeks to see if it’s a good option for me, and compare the options.

My first stop was Citizen Space in San Francisco. It’s a warehouse space at 2nd and Harrison in SOMA. It was fairly bustling this Monday, with about 10-12 people, though it was at the same time pretty quiet. They played quiet background music, and while I was assured that it wasn’t a problem to be a bit noisy, I didn’t really feel comfortable having a brainstorming session with my colleague at the whiteboard, which is unfortunately placed right next to the communal desk. I also realized that I couldn’t work at the communal desk, at least in the basic Ikea chairs they offer, which are not adjustable and too low for the table without a keyboard tray. That said, the other people there seemed reasonably comfortable, and there’s a couch and beanbags available too.

  • Reasonable location with good lunch/coffee options
  • Good iPhone coverage
  • Speedy wifi access
  • Free/cheap drop-in
  • Nice kitchen with lots of dishes, $1 coke/diet coke, hot water and coffee pots, microwave, refrigerator, dishwasher
  • Free snacks, including a huge bowl of apples
  • Reasonably priced ($425/month for a fixed desk, $300/month for cafe membership with 24/7 access)
  • Drafty (I imagine pretty cold come winter)
  • Less than ideal placement of whiteboard for collaboration
  • Uncomfortable ergonomics if you don’t bring your own chair (though not any worse than a coffee shop/library)


  1. Will Sargent
    October 27, 2010

    I’ve found I usually spend $10 for a desk (plus coffee + utilities) at a coffee shop in any event, so Citizen Space works out for me. The downside is that I have to make my own coffee — and it’s not great coffee.

  2. chrispix
    October 30, 2010

    Good point, Will. I re-thought the pricing after visiting some other spaces. Citizen Space is definitely on the affordable end. I also notice that when I returned, the heater was running, and it was more comfortable than the first time. For a fixed desk, Citizen Space is currently in the lead for me.


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