Coworking review roundup

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Well, I’ve hit all the downtown coworking spots I could find in SF and Berkeley (if you can recommend one I’ve missed, post a comment here or drop me an email at coworking [at] factotum [dot] me. There are at least a few more in the Mission and Potrero Hill, which I’ve ruled out as they’re not convenient for an East Bay commuter. I really don’t want to pay more than $400/month for a reserved desk, so Nextspace and Sandbox Suites are probably out for that option. It’s looking like it’s down to either an $800 3-person office at Sandbox Suites, or a reserved desk at Citizen Space, though I’m still mulling it over.

Here’s a roundup of my reviews, and some brief notes below on other spaces I have less to say about.

Parisoma innovation loft: Inexpensive option ($250/month 24/7), but poor ergonomics (ping pong tables, no joke) and not the greatest location at 10th and Howard. That said, it has a very hip startup feel and bohemian vibe, and may be worth another look when they move into their new space on 11th “in a few months”, which should have reserved desks and offices.

The Reactor: A bit out of the way at 11th and Howard, but a very nice space with cool people, a prototyping lab, and a well-stocked kitchen. No availability right now, and pretty expensive ($650/month for a 10×10 space for one person with a year lease). I’ll definitely keep an eye on it if I can get a better deal for 3 people.

Renaissance Center: Primarily a low-income small-business incubator, but they also rent office space to any small business, and are very inexpensive (~$450/month for 10×12 office with internet, which could easily fit 2 people). Not a great location at 5th and Folsom, and not quite the vibe I’m looking for.

Magnolia Labs: Potentially a great deal–$250/month for a dedicated desk for mobile app developers, and access to their mobile device testing lab. But I found it hard to get any kind of information, except that they have no available desks right now.

Tech Liminal in Oakland: Only available 11-7, inexpensive ($200/month), but no reserved desks

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