Coworking review: Sandbox Suites

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My latest stop on the SF coworking tour was Sandbox Suites. They have 3 locations: SOMA, Union Square, and Berkeley. I checked out all 3 locations. Sandbox Suites is on the expensive side, but it’s also the best fit I’ve found so far. Having access to sites on both sides of the bridge is a big appeal, and it feels like a very professional operation. The SOMA location is a bit out of the way at 10th and Mission, where there aren’t a lot of great lunch spots. The Union Square location is nice, though also not super BART-convenient. In Berkeley, they’re right downtown. All the spaces have natural light and nice art on the walls, and are outfitted with nice office furniture. They have full kitchens, and they sell espresso, tea, and sodas at the front desk. I really appreciated having full access to print/scan/copy even when just dropping in. However, the drop-in rates are the highest I’ve found anywhere ($35/day).

They also seem to be working out their pricing–the price sheet gives the impression that they nickel-and-dime (with $30 nickels) you for lots of things, though they told me that lockers and package receiving were going to be free. Still, the pricing is a bit out of my range, and it’s only going to make sense if I can share a 3-person office, so we’ll see… It’s definitely popular, as all but one of the offices and 2 private desks are currently filled in SF.


  • 24/7 access with full-time commitment
  • All locations are big spaces with various work spaces
  • Nice office furniture and decor
  • Several conference rooms
  • Conference rooms are available without charge for short phone calls or quick whiteboarding sessions
  • Access to multiple locations, each with a different vibe
  • Bathrooms with showers
  • Wifi and wired internet
  • Good iPhone signal


  • Expensive ($35/day, $395 unlimited drop-in, $495 reserved desk)
  • SF locations not super close to BART–Union Square is a slog up the hill
  • Union Square location is quiet and the floor echoes if you drop something
  • Conference rooms are a bit pricey after you use the 2-6 hours/month that come with your membership
  • Limited choice of free teas (Lipton, seriously?)

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