Adding Unit Tests to an existing iOS project with Xcode 4

When you build a new iPhone or iPad app from scratch, you can generate a new project with tests using Xcode’s project templates, and the test dependency is set up correctly. However, if you add a unit test target to an existing iOS project, there are some manual steps required to set up the target […]

Behavior Driven Development what?

Like many, I was fuzzy on BDD or Behavior Driven Development until I started working with BDD tools like Cucumber, JBehave, and Jasmine. However, BDD isn’t a tool. It’s a design approach you can use with your existing testing tools or by adding in additional tools. BDD refers to one way of doing TDD or […]

Pragmatic Pair Programming

Pragmatic Pair Programming

Posted by on Jan 9, 2011 in Software Development | 2 Comments

Pair programming is all the rage these days and for good reason. You get well-tested, well-thought-through code at a dizzying rate without many of the pitfalls of solo programming. Pivotal Labs have been pioneers in this area, showing the industry how it should be done in practice. The downsides of solo programming are many. It’s […]