The reviews are in!

So be honest: What’s your answer to the question “Do you enjoy reading the latest app store reviews for your app?”

(a) “Our users are so smart, kind, and thoughtful that I relish the chance to read their pearls of wisdom.”

(b) “Unless they’re written on the bottom of a pint glass, no.”

(c) “I’d rather be run over by a rhino.”

If you answered (a), it’s OK, no one’s looking–you can tell us the truth. But, as frustrating as they can be to read, we’ve learned to… kinda… really love user reviews.

The first thing we do when we get into work is read the recent reviews for the mobile apps we’re currently working on. It’s a great way to monitor what’s going on, what can be improved, identify bugs, and tear your hair out all in one sitting.

Of course, there are bound to be the downers, like the user who posts a 1 star review on your app but in reference to a completely different app (arrrggg!). But until we reach that Promised Land where geeks can craft our masterpieces simply for the beauty of elegant code, unsullied by the grubby hands and minds of those pesky beings known as users… sorry, what was I saying?

Ah yes, user reviews! Maybe the way to approach them is kind of like exercise. You’ll dread it going in, but if you keep it up , in the long run your ass –er, app will be in better shape. You’ll even start to like it, and wonder why anyone wouldn’t be doing it!

And every now and again you will get the perfect review day, full of great reviews and maybe one that makes you laugh and feel proud at the same time. Like this one from today:

The best app ever made. It’s Legen…. wait for it…. dary. Legendary

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