Mend is an award winning self-care therapy app for people moving beyond breakups, “a personal trainer for heartbreaks”. It provides a chatbot for a daily checkin, as well as personalized audio coaching sessions, journaling prompts, and the ability to log self-care activities and track your recovery progress. Using Mend, customers can learn healthy coping mechanisms, work through their feelings, and ultimately move forward from their heartbreak with greater resilience and self-awareness.

Mend had the concept and the content. They approached Two Bit Labs to bring it to reality in the Apple App Store, quickly and within a tight budget. The app includes an animated chat UI, in-app purchase of subscriptions, and unique and engaging interactions.

  • A daily checkin with Mend's chatbot, who prompts you through self-care, self-expression, and tracking your progress.
  • Your progress through the Mend app over time
  • A daily training session to help you understand what you're going through and take steps toward recovery.
  • Original articles on coping with breakup

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