PayJoy helps customers in emerging markets build credit by enabling them to purchase Android smartphones on installment plans. Without a bank account or credit history, PayJoy’s customers can access financial services while acquiring smartphones, an increasingly critical part of the global economy. PayJoy also allows customers to use their existing Android phones as collateral for short-term loans and lines of credit.

By making regular payments on time, customers can establish a credit history and improve their credit scores, unlocking access to other financial products and services. PayJoy’s innovative approach to credit building is helping to expand financial inclusion in emerging markets, where traditional credit scoring models may not be well established.

We joined PayJoy to help them align various initiatives as they were growing quickly and expanding into new markets. We built out their new Credit Line offering, and worked with them to define a strategy for features to be delivered natively vs. embedded web views. This helps them to achieve the ideal combination of high-quality UI and ease of testing and updates.

PayJoy Credit Line

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