iKu 1.2: see who’s following you

Author list before and afterI’m happy to announce that iKu 1.2 was released to the app store today. This update includes some performance enhancements and improvements to the experience of following other authors.

The two most frequent questions we get from iKu authors are “How do I stop following someone” and “How can I see who’s following me”. Before 1.2, you could swipe your finger across an author’s name in the Authors list, which would reveal a “Stop following” button. This is a standard gesture on the iPhone for removing items from a list, but it’s apparently not very well known. So we’ve made it easier to stop following by just adding the button under each author’s name. There you’ll also see a few details, like how many Ku they’ve published and when they last published.

Below the list of authors you follow, you’ll now see which authors are following you. From that list, you can follow them back and/or read their Ku. We think this is a great improvement to the following experience, and we hope you’ll write even more once you know there are actually people reading it and waiting to see what you write next.

We have lots of great features in the pipeline, but your feedback and ideas help us prioritize them. So please let us know what you want to see next in iKu. You can email us, comment below, or from right within the app. If you press the settings button on the iKu screen, you can get to a Help/Feedback form where you can send us your questions and ideas. You can also tap the “Rate it” button there to leave a rating or review on the app store. If you love iKu and want to help the community grow, leaving a review is the best thing you can do to help other authors find it.


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    April 12, 2011

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  2. jianhua
    December 12, 2011

    Appreciated your great help on stackoverflow, appreciated your product.


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