Toward a better “Rate this app”

Toward a better “Rate this app”

If you’ve had an iPhone for any length of time, you’ve certainly had the experience of opening an app and facing a desperate plea for app store ratings. “Your reviews help other people find this app”, we’re told. And it’s true–app reviews and ratings are an important part of the app store ranking algorithm. Unfortunately, […]

iKu 1.2: see who’s following you

I’m happy to announce that iKu 1.2 was released to the app store today. This update includes some performance enhancements and improvements to the experience of following other authors. The two most frequent questions we get from iKu authors are “How do I stop following someone” and “How can I see who’s following me”. Before […]

iKu hits 1000

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This week, iKu was downloaded for the 1000th time from the app store. It’s been exciting to be a part of so many people’s creative life, and I look forward to seeing the community continue to grow. Here are a few stats on usage so far. iKu by the numbers iKu has been downloaded 1,032 […]