Git stash to store frequently used edits

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We work on a couple of projects that require specific changes to test a particular configuration, for example to test against a local server. We generally put this kind of configuration into a plist file and create a target that builds using that plist. Sometimes, however, that’s not convenient–for example, there may be several different […]

Symbolicating (mostly) fixed in Xcode 4.1

Posted by on Sep 1, 2011 in Software Development | 15 Comments

I previously posted why Xcode 4’s symbolication is broken, along with a patched script that fixes it. As of Xcode 4.1, Apple has fixed the problems in the symbolicatecrash script, though I’ve found that it still often does not symbolicate correctly. Here are the most common problems (and solutions) I’ve come across:

Verbally 2.0 is live

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After a few months in the app store and lots of great feedback, we’re excited to announce that Verbally 2.0 is available, including an in-app purchase to unlock Verbally Premium. Designed for people who use Verbally as an everyday communication aid, Verbally Premium includes several useful improvements.

Using fractional pixels to position UIImageViews

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When centering content vertically and/or horizontally in a view, I often use a simple formula to calculate the x/y values for the content’s frame: image.frame.origin.y =    (container.frame.size.height – image.frame.size.height)/2 The problem with using this formula for UIImageViews is that, if one or more of the dimensions is an odd value, the result will be […]

Factotum is now Two Bit Labs

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I’ve joined forces with my good friend and colleague Todd Huss to form Two Bit Labs, and to keep things manageable I’ve migrated all of my blog posts over to our new site. If you followed the old feed, it will redirect here, so you should continue to get updates on the new blog without […]

iKu 1.2: see who’s following you

I’m happy to announce that iKu 1.2 was released to the app store today. This update includes some performance enhancements and improvements to the experience of following other authors. The two most frequent questions we get from iKu authors are “How do I stop following someone” and “How can I see who’s following me”. Before […]

Can’t symbolicate XCode4 archive builds?

Posted by on Apr 6, 2011 in code | 11 Comments

Update: symbolication is fixed in Xcode 4.1. Check this post for troubleshooting tips if you’re still having problems. Since XCode 4 was released, several iOS developers have reported that their crash reports are no longer symbolicated correctly, meaning that they can’t trace crashes to the code that caused them. I’ve traced this problem down to […]

Verbally in the iPad App Store

Posted by on Mar 16, 2011 in Verbally | 4 Comments

For the past few months I’ve been working with Intuary on a new iPad app aimed at people who’ve lost the ability to speak. Verbally went live last week and had a spectacular first couple of weeks, with nearly 4,000 downloads and counting. It’s in the top-10 free medical apps in several countries (including the […]

Some great UIColor resources

Posted by on Mar 6, 2011 in code | 3 Comments

I’ve recently come across some nice resources for working with UIColors. Developer Color Picker Developer Color Picker is a color picker built for, you guessed it, Objective-C developers. Just install it in ~/Library/ColorPickers and it will appear in any application when you pull up the color picker. You can switch between RGB and HSB sliders […]

iKu hits 1000

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This week, iKu was downloaded for the 1000th time from the app store. It’s been exciting to be a part of so many people’s creative life, and I look forward to seeing the community continue to grow. Here are a few stats on usage so far. iKu by the numbers iKu has been downloaded 1,032 […]